Sara Sheridan

 The Secret Mandarin
Sara Sheridan
A disgraced woman. A reckless mission. A priceless reward.
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When the ship went down the other women were praying. The captain had ordered us stowed below decks, out of the way while the crew battled the storm. I sat silently in the candlelit gloom, keeping my balance as best I could while the boat pitched violently. As the others mumbled on their knees, my heart was dancing along with my stomach in a strange, whirling tremor that brought me out in a sweat. We did not know what would happen and there was nothing any of us could do. It had been hours.

In the end it was sudden. The ship was noisy, the timbers creaking before they finally broke, the wind screaming. Outside, the scale of the weather was titanic and I remember thinking that we were so tiny, so vulnerable. The whole ship split opened like the cracking of an egg – just one almighty crash and then the shrieks of terror, my own among them, quickly silenced by the rush of water.

The Secret Mandarin is available to buy now from Amazon or as a download to Kindle and has had some excellent reviews. Visit the author’s website
‘A truly sumptuous, action-packed Oriental adventure that might just be our favourite historical romance of the year.’ Daily Record

An enchanting story that draws you in… perfect for whiling away the hours on a rainy day.’ Closer

Sara Sheridan writes fiction for adults and children. Her previous novels include Truth or Dare (1998), Ma Polinski’s Pockets (2000) and The Pleasure Express (2001), all Random House. She has also worked as a ghost-writer for Mia Dolan and Judy Westwater. She has been included in GQ Magazine’s Young Talent and Company Magazine’s Top Ten Young Writers Under Thirty. In 2000 Truth or Dare won a place in the 100 Best Scottish Books, as part of the Scottish Library Award. She has been awarded two bursaries by the Scottish Arts Council and from the K Blundell Trust. She lives in Edinburgh.
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