Author D.M. Samson Violence By Dawn Marie with D.M. Samson

In 1984 Dawn Marie travelled with her husband to Saudi Arabia. He had secured a job replacing the outgoing foreman of a secluded farm near Riyadh. Almost two years later she would return. Alone. Broken.
In Silent Violence she tells us of her journey: a long downward spiral. From the first inklings of things not being right, a pet killer in the expatriate compound, clandestine excursions by the farm crew, through to the rising hysteria within the expatriate community, then the killings at the farm, the ensuing imprisonment, moral deterioration, government procrastination and eventual deliverance.
Without question her story is harrowing. Yet it contains a great deal of humour too. For humour was the life jacket that kept a displaced person buoyant in a strange culture.
After years of psychiatric treatment she was persuaded to write her story. The road to publication is a story in itself. Ultimately the book was suppressed in the interests of international relations. Click for reviews

There is little one can say about the plot in Nails. Succinctly put, it is the story of one day in the life of a car mechanic. Not much in itself, but then it’s hard, raw, violent, sexy, uncompromising, sensitive, funny and philosophical. It’s a page-turner that grabs you by the curlies. Click for reviews

In Nails Kevin was a prisoner of frustration, middling, but waiting for who knows what. In Bottle he’s liberated with the proverbial “kick up the arse” he needs.
This book has got everything. Even the kitchen sink! It’s teeming with life and death, tears and laughter, sex and violence, parents and children, brutality and tenderness, anger and contentment… But why should I go on? Look up further antonyms yourself. Or save yourself the trouble and simply read the book.
Although Bottle is the sequel to Nails it can be read in its own right. Click for reviews

David M. Samson was born in Wallasey (near Liverpool) in 1957. After graduating from Bath University with a degree in “Mathematics with Computing” he worked as a computer consultant in Bristol, Saudi Arabia, Manchester, New York and Hamburg. His website, easy purchase links.

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