Reflections by Ya Ya Badasu Ya Ya Badasu. Her current book is a collection of poems called Reflection.

Thank you, Louise for allowing me to guest on your blog. My book, Reflections: Thoughts, Passions, and Truths.

Poetry is something I shy away from. It seems all so personal.

It is for me. It gives me an opportunity to pack a lot of powerful meaning into a short space. Traditionally, poems are shorter than novels. This makes me have to choose my words a bit more carefully. I still include detail, but I get straight to the juice. I think that this is good for my readers too. They can never say that they don’t know what I’m thinking because I tell them.

Do you find it easy to write poems?

My writing process is easy and difficult.

I can actually understand that!

It’s easy to write down the things that I feel, but it’s very difficult to share such private details with my readers. I have very intimate poems, including a few sex poems, and it took so much for me to gather up the courage so that I could share this with my readers. I kept nothing back.

I suppose it’s the same with fiction writing. Even though it’s fiction it’s your experiences that shape the book.

I know. My readers know how I think, what I like, and what I hate. As hard as it is to open up about these things, it makes my writing process easier because I do not have to keep anything in or beat around the bush.

So, could it be said that your poems are clearly not for children?

Those that are rated ‘R’ and ‘X’ poems are not for the readers who are bashful or ashamed of sex. These poems are purely sensual, and the language what goes along with them is dirty and hot.I like to write listening to the radio.

Where do you write?

I have different writing quirks. I always have to listen to music when I write. I love Jazz, so I’m almost always playing Ella Fitzgerald when I begin a new poem. I sit down with a list of notes and thoughts that I have written down, and before I know it, I’m writing the final parts of my poems.

Ever suffer from writer’s block?

Writer’s block is a pretty big issue, especially when I have a goal of how many poems I want done by a certain time. Almost all of my poems have started out as just a few words that I jotted down and put aside for a day or two. I then pick back up from where I started, and I finish the poem.

Can you always finish a poem if writer’s block hits you at the start of it?

If I don’t make any progress I copy and paste what I have into another word document, and I start on it at a later date. I try not to let writer’s block prevent me from writing, even if all I can write are a few sentences.

That’s good advice for all writers actually, isn’t it? If your poem or story isn’t progressing just write anything!

Absolutely. Treat writing like a journey.

Who’s your publisher?

Passionate Writer Publishing, and they are wonderful. They’re so helpful, but I was very nervous about sending in my poems to them. I have a sorority sister, Omegia Keeys, who is published under the same company, and when I heard that her publishing company was looking for new authors, I submitted a few of my poems, and the company asked me to send in some more.

Any negatives?

Waiting for a response! They work quickly, but I remember checking my e-mail after every class just to see if there was anything there. One day seemed like forever, but they responded and accepted my poems.

Were they first publishing company that you tried?

Yes, but I heard positive things about them. They’ve been so helpful with sending promotional material and they keep in touch with newsletters and Facebook updates. I’m very happy with my publisher. The process was easier than I expected, but they’re still keeping on my toes with tours. They’re helping me to obtain my dreams, and I’m so thankful for this. It feels good to see my book on or to see students at school reading my book. I finally feel like a writer.

Reflections: Thoughts, Passions, Truths
…a collection of poems with eclectic themes…
Mirror image poems of personal thoughts and most intimate moments.
Thoughts… No secrets are hidden and desires revealed
Passions…  sex, lust, and love.
Truth…  Inner and most personal thoughts shared

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