The Quiet Road by Annie Frame.

The Quiet Road by Annie Frame. Published with Pegasus Publishers. A disturbing story of murder and suspense.

Frankford Lucas is the chief superintendent in the police force. He is well respected and well thought of… however, he has a secret. Ever since childhood he has visited The Quiet Road in his dreams. Murders begin on his patch and The Quiet Road doesn’t seem quite so innocent…
A clairvoyant is  brought into the investigation and seems to know a lot about Lucas. Lucas is soon forced to learn the true secret of The Quiet Road and realises he is dealing with a force beyond his control.

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Review for The Quiet Road
Annie Frame is a clairvoyant medium who works with the other side of life. Writing is a wonderful way for her to set herself free. She uses fiction to allow the reader the opportunity to enjoy the story without any duty to believe in ghosts.

Imprint opens with a woman visiting the Library of Souls in an effort to locate the Soul Journal. The Soul Journal contains a record not just of her current life, but also of many other lives she’s lived before.

She is transported to a bygone age where she relives her existence as a child called Elsie Jane Burdock …

Reviews for Imprint.

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