Christopher Chance Lone Brit on 13 is a gripping true story of violence, degradation and adventure penned in the confines of a grim Malaga prison cell. Imprisoned for almost two years for drug-smuggling, the lone Brit on Wing 13, Chance, reveals the horrors he experienced among cut-throat villains and screws in the netherworld of the Spanish prison system.

Chance took to writing in his dank prison cell in an attempt to escape his surroundings, and recalls various episodes in his life: his time serving as a soldier in Thailand and Malaysia; his involvement with the 3 Para snatch-squad in the 1970s Belfast; and his subsequent descent into drug dealing and trafficking, which culminated in a high-speed boat chase and his imprisonment in a top-security Spanish jail.

As the sole British inmate, Chance was a prime target, but his martial arts skills and Samurai philosophy proved to be more than a match for the aggressors. Once a respected and successful businessman admired by his peers Chance took one wrong turn and lost everything.

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Carabanchel is a true story of survival in what was arguably the most sinister prison in Europe: the Carabanchel. Christopher Chance was the last Brit to be shackled and hauled out of that infamous Spanish hellhole before it closed its gates on decades of disgraceful cruelty. Along with the rest of the remaining inmates, he was transferred to another prison when the authorities slid back the bolts for the last time.

Chance’s story begins on the day he entered the jail and encountered the innate racism of the prison staff and inmates. In Carabanchel, Chance tells how he forged a band of international brothers from the chaotic human rubble in order to survive. Men from all around the world joined forces against their common aggressors, the Spanish inmates.

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Chance’s ordeal ended in 2007 and is now working on a screenplay for Carabanchel.

2 thoughts on “Christopher Chance

  1. Hi Louise,
    I am delighted with this, many thanks.
    I am now writing another screenplay; an adaptation of THE LONE BRIT ON 13. It is incredibly difficult to condense 300 or more pages into 115 pages of script, but it is a challenge worth doing.
    Good luck with everything you do.
    Chris Chance.


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