Shakespeare’s Truth by Rex Richards’s Truth is sure to open a can of worms. Based on reality, but purely fiction, Rex Richards has created a thriller set in modern London. Richards’ basic history is as a multi award winning TV and radio producer, who ended up working in marketing. He’s based in London and Buenos Aires in Argentina.

If he hadn’t have been making a show for the BBC with Princess Diana’s medium, who told him he should be a writer, Shakespeare’s Truth would probably never have been written!

So, Rex where did you get the idea for Shakespeare’s Truth?

I have to admit the idea wasn’t completely mine. My father began chronicling stories about Shakespeare which he was very secretive about. Unfortunately he had had Alzheimer’s disease and sadly it took its worst possible course with him, and found that he could no longer process and organise such a complex topic as this.

And you carried on his work?

About six months before he died, so more or less 3 years ago this week, I remember looking at this vast word doc, which went through an incredible and convoluted detail, the reasoning and proof behind the theory that Francis Bacon is the true author of Shakespeare’s works and that the original manuscripts are hidden somewhere.

I bet it was emotionally draining completely you father’s story.

Being able to continue his story is really important to me and everyone else in our family. Some truly shocking things do happen in the book, which, extreme as they seem, are not that far away from what could actually happen in modern England.

So, how much of the book is fiction? Is the fact that Shakespeare couldn’t even write his own name fact or fiction?

The only piece of writing anyone has seen of Shakespeare is a scrawled attempt at his signature on a mortgage agreement. No-one has ever seen a manuscript. All that is absolutely true.

I imagine your father would be incredibly proud of you and what you’ve done with the book. Why wasn’t a traditional publisher used?

I had an offer from one initially, but it went horribly wrong in such a way that I lost a lot of faith in the professionalism and basic competence of the people involved, so decided it was time to look at a fresh way of approaching publishing.

And that’s when Thrilling Books with Barbara Newman was born?

After seeing all the problems with traditional publishing Thrilling Books was set up to get Shakespeare’s Truth out into the market. We want to develop the company over time – so much is happening in publishing, it’s a great time to look at doing things differently.

What is Barbara Newman’s involvement in the book?

Her background is marketing and is a copy editor. We’ve combine that and a shared passion for books to set up this company. We’ve also known one another for ages.

Any more books planned?

Yes, my next book is due out sometime soon. It’s called Breaking News. It’s been compared to Trainspotting, Fight Club, American Psycho and Bonfire of the Vanities.

Sounds impressive. Is this similar to Shakespeare’s Truth?

It’s the followup, and way more twisted. It’s about a cokehead womanising TV presenter and a serial killer.

Shakespeare’s Truth has received rave reviews so far.

It’s been amazing. I’m so pleased people have been enjoying it.

Contact Rex or Barbara directly: Thrilling Books

“Shakespeare’s Truth is my debut novel. It’s a fun and very controversial paperback thriller, a classic page turner full of action and adventure, shocking murder and kidnaps, royal and literary conspiracy, romance, heartbreak and tragedy. If you like writers like Dan Brown and Stephen King and you’d like a book which makes you think… you’ll love Shakespeare’s Truth. The only question is – can you handle the truth?” Rex Richards

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