Alan Hill

Fifteen-year-old Sheldrak stands at the gateway of manhood. When he steps through, he will be embarking on an epic adventure, the like of which the world has seldom, if ever, seen. Like all good people in his land, Sheldrak is determined to live by the Seven Faiths of Strepsay. But he little realises that he has been chosen to defend the Faith, and the very cause of good itself, against the evil of the Grey One, Essdark. He will not be alone, but at the head of a band of diverse but united warriors for truth. They, like the Faiths, will be seven in number. But who will they be, and can Sheldrak, a mere youth, recognise them and persuade them to risk all? What unfolds is a tale of spirits, giants, emperors and even a chirpy Londoner who finds himself transformed into a talking wolf in a whole new world. This gripping, pacy, energetic and often comic novel is the first in a four-part saga.

Let me introduce an up and coming author, Alan Hill, likened to Terry Brooks of the Shannara series, Hill is an author of two “Tremain” YA fantasy novels: The Seven Faiths and Underworld and Overland.
The Tremain series is a child/teen friendly Lord of the Rings that adults have also found enjoyable. The Seven Faiths has received rave reviews so far, and the latest book Underworld and Overland will be certain to follow.
If you want to meet this new author then pop along to Waterstones in Bristol where he’ll be conducting a booksigning on June 12th where you can purchase a signed copy of of his book., Book Two: Underworld and Overland

In this second series the epic battle between good and evil continues. The Grey One – Isintress, Essdark, call him what you will, but speak his name out loud at your peril – has many in his thrall and at his command. Against him stand ‘the seven’, a group of disparate talents including a giant, a talking wolf-like creature and a floating spirit, with the adolescent human boy, Sheldrak, at their head. But the seven have become scattered, and the Grey One is working his dark magic even within their ranks . . . A tale of danger, intrigue and heroism unfolds – or rather a series of parallel tales, as the members of the seven, separated by distance but united in purpose and determination, strive towards a destiny they cannot as yet fully comprehend. As in the first book in the saga, The Seven Faiths, this tautly written adventure has space for humour amid the pacy action, gripping tension, and emotion both poignant and passionate.

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