I’m reading: Heaven Can Wait

Finished Heaven Can Wait by Cally Taylor. The blurb read very interesting (just the type of novel I enjoy). I can’t get enough of chicklit lately, and together with my sci-fi-cum-paranormal interests I thought I was really going to enjoy this one. And I did, honest. It was a quick and easy read with some genuine teary moments.

I suppose I was disappointed that the paranormal part of it was dismissed and treated lightly (escalators into heaven), but the romance was there and the chit-litty feel. Some of the comedy scenes seemed to be there just for laughs and didn’t feel part of the story, but the actual story was interesting and the comedy made me giggle (loved the bit when she poured wine over gran’s head!).

Read it for yourselves, and see what you think. Was I unfair in my review?

Here’s the blurb:

‘What would I do without you, Lucy Brown?’ he said, and kissed me softly. I held his face in my hands and kissed him back. I felt that life just couldn’t get any more perfect. And I was right, it wouldn’t. By the end of the next day, I’d be dead.

Lucy is about to marry the man of her dreams – kind, handsome, funny Dan – when she breaks her neck the night before their wedding. Unable to accept a lifetime’s separation from her soulmate, Lucy decides to become a ghost rather than go to heaven and be parted from Dan.

But it turns out things aren’t quite as easy as that. When Lucy discovers that Limbo is a grotty student-style house in North London she’s less than thrilled. Especially after meeting her new flatmates: grumpy, cider-swilling EMO-kid Claire; and Brian, a train-spotter with a Thomas the Tank Engine duvet and a big BO problem. But Lucy has a more major problem on her hands – if she wants to become a ghost and be with Dan she has to complete an almost impossible task. How the hell does a girl like Lucy find a girlfriend for the dorkiest man in England? IT geek Archie’s only passions are multi-player computer games and his Grandma.

But Lucy only has twenty-one days to find him love. And when she discovers that her so-called friend Anna is determined to make a move on the heart-broken, vulnerable Dan, the pressure is really on…

3 thoughts on “I’m reading: Heaven Can Wait

  1. I really like the sound of this. I'm a chick lit lover too. I'll add it to the christmas list of books I never get around to buying because I'm too busy writing & working to read. 🙂


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