You’re in Waterstones, what has inspired you to pick up that particular book?

So, what makes you pick up a certain book?

The author?
The cover design?

Enter the poll and see the results. It seems (so far, and it’s only day one!) that the author, closely followed by the cover will win.

Poll has now finished and the results show that there is hope for all us new authors after all.

6 thoughts on “You’re in Waterstones, what has inspired you to pick up that particular book?

  1. Poll closed and the blurb won!
    I'm glad about that, but worryingly only by one point.
    And that tells me that new authors are disadvantaged from all angles.


  2. The story is the most important thing for me. I'll try and read all the books by an author that I really love. But if they start going in directions that I'm not really interested in, I'll stop following them.

    The thing I hate most in stories is formula. If you read a lot, you recognize formulas immediately. And they're just boring.


  3. I agree, I don't think you can have just one choice. I'm a visual person so head for the nice covers first (if I'm in a romantic mood I'll head for that type of cover, horror, it'll be a picture of blood and gore etc). But the blurb must be as good as the cover.

    I've bought books by authors that I know without reading the blurb or paying too much attention to the cover, just because I know I'll like it!


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