Yipeeee I’ve finished my latest novel.

Honestly, it’s taken less than a year to write but over a year to edit the blooming thing! I’ve named it A Proper Charlie. It’s a chicklit about a woman who generates a bubbly image, and in the past was happy to live up to it. She’d been brought up in a children’s home and subsequently longs for a family; someone to belong to and for someone to belong to her. She wants to be loved basically. Trouble is her current boyfriend is a complete tosspot, and her job becomes unstable when another firm take it over. Things seem to all be going wrong.
Her new boss is heartbreakingly good looking Ben Middleton whose sister has gone missing. He hires a private investigator who finds some of her possessions with prostitute Sally Readman, and Ben is worried that his sister is in trouble, especially as a serial killer seems to be targeting prostitutes!
Charlie thinks she can impress her new boss by researching the red-light area for the story; only she thinks she’d get better results if she pretends to be a prostitute.
Of course Ben and Charlie meet. Charlie thinks Ben is the murderer, and Ben thinks Charlie is a prostitute with hilarious results. 
A Proper Charlie is outrageously funny, and follows Charlie and Ben on a journey to discover true love.
It was fun to write, and I think I’ve found my “niche” in my writing career. Comedy is something I want to excel in. I hope A Proper Charlie finds a publisher soon, because MISS ANTHROPE ONE NIGHT STAND OR TWO is coming up to its editing stage (which will probably take a year to perfect) and that was easier to write than Charlie.

You can see the first two chapter on youwriteon.com site but download isn’t all that brilliant though, and the book WILL have indents etc!

9 thoughts on “Yipeeee I’ve finished my latest novel.

  1. Hi Beth,

    My editor is Johnny Hudspith: http://www.johnhudspith.co.uk/2.html

    Feel free to contact him; he's a nice friendly bloke.

    When Johnny got hold of Charlie he said the same as your editor, either the comedy or the thriller had to go. I chose thriller in favour of comedy, but the two genres are still there… ish.

    It's all in the question of balance.

    So, in answer to your question I'm with your editor. I DON'T think you can have two different genres.


  2. Congrats! Bravo! Well done!

    I too find the editing and rewriting phase ghastly and also killed off a couple of characters because I was sick of them. LOL.

    I hvae a question: your novel sounds very good and seems to be a mix of suspense and humor. Is that right? I just hired an editor to give me an overall evaluation and she said I could't mix the two (because I have done so, naturally). Now, I'm deciding if I need to chuck the suspense or chuck the humor or if I can keep both.

    Mind sharing who your agent is and if you've gotten similar feedback? Thanks.


  3. Thanks Mick and Sandra. Glad it's finished, I was beginning to hate the characters!
    In fact, I wrote a horrid end scene for them and killed them off because they were annoying me so, (should I have admitted that?) lol, but finally it's finished and out to an agent.
    Glass of bubbly?


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